Clarise Everin

A Prophetess who has claimed her 7th prophecy. Her eyes gleam like the silver pool she keeps for scrying, and her hair falls in waves of grain. When you look at her, she seems lost, and her expression, while gentle, is troubled.


Prophetess Class: Regarded as sorcerer with additional abilities

[See Cataclysm Mage for details surrounding Prophecies; Prophecies she has completed will be listed in Biography section. While her stats seem high, she has finished her perspective campaign, which leads to the conflict within this one. Her quests and her raised stats come from completion of her prophecies, and the goddess she worships. OS additional stats are explained later]

HP: 49 [Base], 26 [OS], AC: 15 [102+ Robes of the Prophetess], +2 [OS]

Str: 12 1], Dex: 14 [2], Con: 10 0], Int: 18 [4], Wis: 20 5], Cha: 24 [7]

Fortitude: 6, +4 [OS], Reflex: 8, +4 [OS], Will: 17, +6 [OS]

Initiative: 7 [Dex + Reward from Prophecy Fullfillment], 10 [OS]

Base Attack Bonus: 10/5, 12/8/+4 [OS], Spell Resistance: +15 [OS Only]

Grapple: 11, 15 [OS]

Skills: Sorcerer Based:
Bluff: 8 [1+7]
Concentration: 26 [23+3 from Robes of the Prophetess
Craft [Alchemy]: 29 [15+4+10 from Barith’s Ring]
Craft [Crystal]: 29 [15+4+10 from Barith’s Ring]
Craft [Accesories]: 29 [15+4+10 from Barith’s Ring]
Knowledge [Arcana]: 30 [23+4+3 from Robes of the Prophetess]
Profession [Prophetess]: 31 [23+5+3 from Robes of the Prophetess]
Spellcraft: 17 [10+4+3 from Robes of the Prophetess]

Prophetess Added:
Sense Motive: 31 [23+5+3 from Robes of the Prophetess]
Use Magic Device: 20 [10+7+3 Robes of the Prophetess]
Prophecy [Cha]: 47 [23+7+{2 x Every fulfilled prophecy}+3 from Robes of the Prophetess]
OS [Amount based on time]: 22


Clarise Everin, born to human parents in the city of Orstath, was blessed with eyes that could see around deceit and illusion. Her eyes, flowing pools of mercury, were first thought to be the product of a union between her mother and a celestial outsider. The world was, after all, growing larger in population for the plane-touched. After the rift started to form between her parents, and the idea that her mother had an affair, a priestess came to their abode.
She declared herself from an order of Prophetesses within the city, hailing a goddess by the name of Thamesa. Thamesa spread her influence within the last age, hoping to inspire gifts and find young mortals willing to seek out knowledge. The sign, the pools of mercury in sight, while also shared by the aasimar, are specific to those the goddess chooses.
No other trait is necessary.
And a prophetess always knows a new sister.
After the revelation, the family went through life happily. By the age of 12, Clarise was able to see tidbits of the future, though never her own. By 15, she knew which boys to avoid in the city, with shadows cast over their faces if they meant her ill.
By 16, she left to join her sisters under Thamesa.
Her life

Clarise Everin

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